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How can drinking a glass of ice water during your pregnancy potentially save your baby?

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Throughout your pregnancy your physician will remind you to be aware of your baby’s movement. This is the same as counting your baby’s fetal kicks during the day when you are awake. This reminder is not to make you paranoid or to cause you any anxiety. Your baby should continue “their” pattern of movement all through your pregnancy. Every baby has a different pattern of movement, for example some babies move around a lot a night when you lay down to go to sleep, others move around more in the middle of the day and still others move around all day long. The point of this is that your baby’s normal pattern of movement is a reassuring thing.
If there ever comes a time when you think your baby has a decrease in their movement, the first thing you need to do is be still and pay attention to your baby. If you can you should lie down on your left side and then quickly drink a glass of ice water. There is no need to chug a sugary soda or grab a snickers bar. After drinking the water and 15-20 minutes has passed if you do not feel that your baby resumes their normal pattern of movement then you should simply call your physician and let them know you feel your baby has a decrease in their movement. Drinking ice water is not always the answer to getting your baby to move but the very cold water can sometimes initiate movement.
There will be times when your baby will sleep and their movement is slowed, this is normal. You need to be conscious of quiet times and wakeful times. Never hesitate to call your physician if you feel your baby is not moving like they normally move. Not always but sometimes this decrease in movement is a signal to you from your baby that they are experiencing a decrease in blood flow and oxygen through their umbilical cord. In this case the rational thing for your baby to do is to decrease their movement.
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