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What to remember if your water breaks at home.

You will be happy to learn that only about 10% of all pregnant women will spontaneously break their bag of water, or rupture their membranes outside the hospital. But what if you are among that 10%? First off, never panic, just because your membranes rupture it usually doesn't mean your baby is about to deliver. If you are leaking a large amount of fluid, be careful as to not slip on the floor if it is wet. Find somewhere where you can change your clothes and put a large pad in your underwear. Look at your watch, note the time your water broke AND look at the color of the fluid. Now call your physician. Even if it is the middle of the night you must call your physician and tell him/her the TIME your water broke and the color of the fluid. Normally amniotic fluid is clear in color. You can continue to read in the next blog what to do if the color of the fluid is not clear.

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